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The Founding of Sigma Chi

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In the autumn of 1854 a disagreement rose within the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; debate had risen regarding whether the brothers should blindly vote for one of their own for the position of "Poet" in the Erodelphian Society, or if they should instead vote for the person best for the job. Six of our seven founders, Benjamin Piatt Runkle, Franklin Howard Scobey, James Parks Caldwell, Isaac M. Jordan, Daniel William Cooper, and Thomas Cowan Bell, were part of this debate and believed in the just election of the proper candidate.

Through much turmoil and disagreement, the six were eventually cast out of DKE, and went on to start their own brotherhood, with the help of William Lewis Lockwood, our seventh founder. Their new fraternity based on the values of friendship, justice, and learning. On June 28th, 1855, Sigma Chi was born, and has grown since to be one of the largest Greek organizations nationwide.


Chapter History

Before officially becoming the Delta Phi Chapter of Sigma Chi, we were a local Chapter called Sigma Mu Chi. Sigma Mu Chi was founded in the 1920s with the intention of eventually becoming a full-fledged Chapter of Sigma Chi. This dream was realized in 1949 when Sigma Mu Chi's petition to the International Fraternity was accepted and, by a Fraternity-wide vote, was approved for entry into Sigma Chi. The official entry into the National Fraternity occurred on February 4, 1950.

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